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The lady is a VAMP

she's a vixen not a tramp.

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About the Community

Welcome to VAMPTALKVAMP, we are a members only community, which accepts its members based on intelligence and personality alone. Appearance is not taken into account when accepting or rejecting members. We are a debate community that discusses some of the most upcoming and controversial ideas of our age and generation. Join today to become a member of a new kind of community, for the outstanding only.

Once accepted to this community you will take part in many different types of debates and challenges. Every week there will be an alternated type of topic, be it paintings, photography, quotes, videos, or social issues. The members will be divided into teams to debate for and against the given topic. If you want a challenge for a particular debate to increase your ability to debate, then by simply posting a request to a Moderator to tell you whether you will be fighting for or against the topic. If not then you are entitled to simply express your own opinion on the matter.

We want to know what you think, so be honest in your application and give us sincere suggestions, we want to make this community as fun as possible for its members.

The Mods & Co-Mods

All mods votes count for two when voting.
nakedicame - Head Mod
ravishinglilacs - Co-Mod
snowhitecyanide - Co-Mod & Members Page Mod
_libero - Debate Monitor Mod #1
_j_e_s_s_i_ - Debate Monitor Mod #2
letsgossip - Themes Mod
shjh2448 - Superlatives Mod

Rules for Applicants:

1. If you dont like why someone said no to you, defend yourself. However, being a douche bag is not an adequate defense.
2. Do not post any other entries other than your application
3. Do no comment on any other entries other than your application.
4. If a mod auto- rejects you, dont re-apply.
5. If you've been rejected via votes, you can read a book and re-apply in a week.
6. Apply within 48 hours of joining or you will be deleted and banned.
7. Make the subject line of your application, "Newbie, but there ain't no flies on me"

Rules for Members/ General:


1. Once made a member you have the obligation to stay active, if a month passed as you have made a minimum of 3 posts, you will be deleted and have to re-apply.
2. Be harsh on Newbies, we don't want morons here.
3. LJ - CUT IS YOUR FRIEND!! You can post pictures of yourself in this community, but only so that you can become better acquainted with other members. Dont post a pictures only post that says "omg, im so ugly" or "omg lyke my shirt?!", or the post will be deleted as will you. You may post one sized picture on the entry before the cut as long as it does not interfere with the communities layout, all other pictures should be under a cut.
AND: If you want a members picture for the members page, post it 150x200 in an entry marked MEMBERS PIC, after you are accepted
4. PLEASE BE HONEST. Don't hold anything back, this is a place where you are expected to get down in the dirt and fight for what you believe. BUT, do NOT resort to name calling, thats just ridiculous. Fight back with legitimate facts ONLY, or you will be banned.
5. Only sit on the fence during a debate or questioning, if the topic is one you are personally or emotionally involved in and do not wish to express your reasons or lack of reasons for joining as you may be offended by opposing team members. If you choose to sit a debate out, post a entry explaining why you do not want to take part, and your opinion if you're comfortable doing so. No one will be able to comment against your opinion as you are not taking part in the debate. Anyone who does will be deleted.
6. HAVE FUN, this community was created so intelligent people could join together against the forces of stupidity. Though there are opposing teams we are all one group/team of friends and members together to express the truth.

Rules for Members during Debate:

1. Do not harass members.
2. Respect members opinions and debate them in a intelligent, respectful way.
3. No name calling.
4. No prejudice or racism.
5. Be kind in expressing your opinion, the aim is not to hurt people, simply to imform.

The Application

Post as is, and fill out completely. MARK AS FRIENDS ONLY OR IT WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED!!!
Do NOT use Rich Text.

Current Debate
Original Post
[February 21st, 2006]

Where does nudity and sexuality stand in the artistic eye of people today?

Refer to the original post for context and rules for participation.